Mostly Perfect Toy Storage Bags

Posted on September 27, 2016 by Christe Erickson-Davis

I take these bags for granted.

 My 7 year old is always asking me if he can have another bag for something.

 My 2 year old unzips them to get her Little Peeps out to play. I am trying to recall if she zips it back up when she puts a few back in the bag. I will have to pay more attention tomorrow. They are such a natural fixture in our life that I rarely notice them. It takes a visit from a friend asking about toy storage for me to realize that not everyone has Kidenza Clears. In our house they are our toy "ziplocs".

 When I watch them or when my son asks me where his bag is with his “Big Boots guys” and I remind him that they are with the trucks, I always wonder how other parents keep track of these little toys.

I would be lying if I said he didn’t occasionally put them away in his Imaginext guys storage bag; however we always find the missing ones on our occasional toy clean up or clean out.

As great as it is to have some very handy toy bags in our world of toys, nothing is perfect.

Driving home from soccer tonight, my son asked me if anything is perfect in this world and I said I don’t think so, but many things are mostly perfect. We talked about airplanes being perfect and cars and I cannot stop thinking about this question. 

As far as toy storage is concerned, I cannot think of one perfect system that I have seen or envy anywhere, but I do know that our Clears are mostly perfect for little people and their parents to store, tote, and organize their toys away.

Thanks for your order. Please send us picts and let us know how they help your toy storage get closer to perfect.

-Christe (not com)

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