Tips for Packing for Air Travel With a 3 to 7 Year Old

Posted on December 29, 2015 by Christe Erickson-Davis

Plain (plane) ready, plain (plane) prepared....

It is a science, isn't it?  

I spoke with one of my friends yesterday about her anxiety traveling with her 2 kids and husband back to New York for the holidays.

And it got me thinking about what the trick to easier air travel with kids can be.

If the thought of being confined on an airplane for multiple hours with your family amidst outsiders is ominous, you are not alone... 

Unless you travel regularly with your kids, and have it down to a science, you are bound to have anxiety.

How will you keep your kid(s) busy?

It often takes more than a movie or an iPad.

Here is the secret I have discovered...

I think of our travel time in half hours because my son is 6 and that is about how long he stays interested, unless it is a big project, game, or a movie. (If he was 2-4, I would break it up by 15 minutes and bring in more puzzles and games and less art.)

With the half hour concept in mind....

We packed his back pack with the following;

• ART- A pad to draw on and crayons and color pencil and a pad to write on
• BOOKS - 1 book to read
• TOYS- 2 of his Clear toy bags with guys in them
• ELECTRONICS- handheld Vtech (Don't forget the earphones)
• Blankie and sweatshirt and a snack

Packed and Ready to Travel

The image above shows about 2-2 1/2 hours worth of entertainment.

Add a movie to the mix and hopefully he won't be kicking the guy's chair in front of him before we land.

By the way, we have been using clear toy storage bags for quite some time as nothing is worse than a backpack full of small toys that is unorganized, you know what I mean?

Ok, proper "entertainment planning" is crucial for keeping your kids busy when flying!

Proper toy packing makes all the difference in the world.

Toys are now easy to get out and play with, plus with toy storage bags, you have an easy place to put the toys when it is time to switch to another toy or disembark from the plane.

And Kidenza Clear toy storage bags make packing twice as easy and quick.

Simply grab, pack and zip them shut.

Ready to fly!

We place the toy bags inside of his backpack and everything is now neatly organized.

When we get back home, each toy bag goes inside of his big toy box so everything is in its place and well organized. 

And because these toy bags are clear, your kids can easily see the toys they are looking for.

Are you looking to make organizing your kids toys a lot easier?

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Have questions? Shoot me a quick email here

After you grab a few of our toy storage bags, take a few pictures and send us your story of how they have helped organize your life and your kid(s) lives.

I hope this helps save a little of your sanity.



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