Inundated With Small Toys Like Shopkins, LaLaLoopsy & Squinkies?

Posted on December 15, 2015 by christe erickson-davis

Are You Inundated With Small Toys Like Shopkins, LaLaLoopsy & Squinkies?

When it comes to wrangling up your kids toys, do you sometimes feel like Miss Hannigan from Annie?  “Little toys, everywhere I turn I can see them….” I know I do.

Especially the littlest toys like Pretty Ponies, Squinkies, LaLaLoopsy, and Shopkins…

It isn’t the big toys scattered about that get annoying and expensive; it is the little characters, the little accessories and components to different toys that add up in dollars and drive us parents bonkers.

Does storing and organizing these toys and their accessories keep you on your toes in a constant quest to find an ideal storage solution?

Great way to store toys!

Some of you choose to tackle this by going on Pinterest and finding cool solutions that require a bit of commitment, others zip to a big organization store for a few more different sized bins, and others give up. 

If you find yourself in the give up, too burdened to take on a Pinterest project right now or at a loss stage and don’t have a spot for one more bin; don’t – don’t give up.

Check out Kidenza Clears toy storage bags.

Nothing but smiles with Kidenza Clears Toy Storage

They come in several different sizes and colors.

Kidenza Clears provide you with so many options for storing and organizing these little toys.

You can simply toss them all in different bags or you can color coordinate different generations of Shopkins or coordinate them by size.

What’s awesome about Kidenza Clears storage bags is that your kids own them-they become their system for storing their toys.

And your kids can then tote the bags around to their friend’s houses for Shopkins play dates. All they have to do is grab and go.

When my son was 2 a friend of mine said ‘Let me give you a little tip about toys, when you come across stray little toys around the house, throw them away.” If she did that now, I don’t think her lovely daughter would have very many Shopkins left.

I stopped doing that a while back. Now everything has a toy bag, and if it doesn’t have a toy bag, it has a stray toy stash that we clean out once a month. Helps build the feeling of responsibility with my child.

 Hey these toys add up too much not to store them properly... Pardon the pun.

Warmest Regards and may your toy storage burdens be lightened.

Here are the kids playing and using Kidenza Clears.

She loves her Kidenza Clears!

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