Easy Toy Storage for Little People® Toys

Posted on December 03, 2015 by christe erickson-davis

Buying ‘Little People®’ for your little people this holiday season?

This is one of the hot toys that parents with littles are looking at this Christmas for their younger children.

They are perfect toys for toddlers and young kids. The right size for their little hands and so interactive and versatile.

However, when it comes time to play with Little People toy sets, can you find them in that huge toy box? 

People®  are small, easy to misplace, and most “Little People® toy sets” do not come with a storage container. Hence, but how do you store them so that they will not get lost amongst the other toys in your house?

Instead of having these toys just thrown into the bottom of a toy box to never be seen again or under a bed or dresser; check out these new, durable clear toy storage bags from Kidenza.

What a simple solution for keeping all your child's Little People together and knowing right where they are when it is playtime.

Not only are these Clear Storage bags super easy for little fingers to open and close, they help your little peeps to practice their fine motor skills by putting them in and out of the toy bag as additional play.

And when they are all done playing with the Little People, simply put them back in the bag if the babes haven’t already done so, and the toys are automatically stored away until next time.

Easy Toy Storage for Little People


Kidenza Clears also make a fantastic Bag on the go. Just grab the toy bag as you are headed to Grandma's or toss it in luggage or a backpack when traveling.

Kidenza Clears toy storage bags are perfect to use as a travel tote for most toys.

As one mom put it; “It is hard for me to recall the days before Kidenza Clear Storage entered my life. I do remember my constant quest for the right spot or bin in which to store and tote all my little guys "Little People®" around.”

“Now, it is such a time saver to pull a bag out of a toy bin instead of fumbling through the bin to locate my kid’s toys when heading out the door for Grandma’s, a play date or a road trip.”

Be sure to pick up some Kidenza Clears toy storage bags for the little people in your life.

Kidenza Clears are made for kids to keep parents happy.

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