Easy Toy Storage for Imaginext Super Heroes and Other Guys

Posted on December 02, 2015 by christe erickson-davis

If you have a little guy between the ages of 3-8, then you know and love these toys almost as much as your kiddo.  

But if you are anything like me you are sick of tripping over the guys and tired of searching for them from the bottom of the toy box to the bottom of your handbag. 

These Imaginext super collectibles are the reason for the birth of Kidenza Clears Toy Storage.

When my son was 3, I had one little cheap plastic bag that came with a toy. It soon became our mobile toy box for everything. It became our binkie.

We lived back east and traveled a lot on road trips and visits to family.

Eventually, the zipper broke and the bag tore. Thus, I embarked on the mission of finding the perfect toy storage form my sons little guys.

I went in search for some quality transparent toy bags so that each brand and toy family could have their own home. In hopes that my son would know where each toy belonged. I found nothing.

Nothing ever seemed to work for super hero toy storage like that initial bag. And that was the inception of Kidenza Clear toy storage. 

Now, my son has a perfect home for each of his sets of Imaginext (Star Wars, Marvel Super Heroes, Collectible figures, Super friends, Batman) and Big Boots guys with his Kidenza Clears toy storage.

He also knows where they are and he can grab them in an instant if we are headed to Grandma’s or headed on a road trip.  Any of the bundles are a great fit for these toys.

The Goliath toy bundle is especially suited for little Imaginext planes storage and animals storage along with Super Collectible guys storage.

In fact, my son often says to me “mom, do you have anymore of those toy bags that I can have?” Oh, yeah.   

While taking some toy bag pictures for me recently, a friend said “wow, if only I had these sooner, we might actually have all the pieces and figures for my daughter’s toys.” Amen sister.

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