Mostly Perfect Toy Storage Bags

Posted on September 27, 2016 by Christe Erickson-Davis

I take these bags for granted.

 My 7 year old is always asking me if he can have another bag for something.

 My 2 year old unzips them to get her Little Peeps out to play. I am trying to recall if she zips it back up when she puts a few back in the bag. I will have to pay more attention tomorrow. They are such a natural fixture in our life that I rarely notice them. It takes a visit from a friend asking about toy storage for me to realize that not everyone has Kidenza Clears. In our house they are our toy "ziplocs".

 When I watch them or when my son asks me where his bag is with his “Big Boots guys” and I remind him that they are with the trucks, I always wonder how other parents keep track of these little toys.

I would be lying if I said he didn’t occasionally put them away in his Imaginext guys storage bag; however we always find the missing ones on our occasional toy clean up or clean out.

As great as it is to have some very handy toy bags in our world of toys, nothing is perfect.

Driving home from soccer tonight, my son asked me if anything is perfect in this world and I said I don’t think so, but many things are mostly perfect. We talked about airplanes being perfect and cars and I cannot stop thinking about this question. 

As far as toy storage is concerned, I cannot think of one perfect system that I have seen or envy anywhere, but I do know that our Clears are mostly perfect for little people and their parents to store, tote, and organize their toys away.

Thanks for your order. Please send us picts and let us know how they help your toy storage get closer to perfect.

-Christe (not com)

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Tips for Packing for Air Travel With a 3 to 7 Year Old

Posted on December 29, 2015 by Christe Erickson-Davis

The secret to air travel with a young child is to have an entertainment plan all ready to go. Learn more here...

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Inundated With Small Toys Like Shopkins, LaLaLoopsy & Squinkies?

Posted on December 15, 2015 by christe erickson-davis

Are You Inundated With Small Toys Like Shopkins, LaLaLoopsy & Squinkies?

When it comes to wrangling up your kids toys, do you sometimes feel like Miss Hannigan from Annie?  “Little toys, everywhere I turn I can see them….” I know I do.

Especially the littlest toys like Pretty Ponies, Squinkies, LaLaLoopsy, and Shopkins…

It isn’t the big toys scattered about that get annoying and expensive; it is the little characters, the little accessories and components to different toys that add up in dollars and drive us parents bonkers.

Does storing and organizing these toys and their accessories keep you on your toes in a constant quest to find an ideal storage solution?

Great way to store toys!

Some of you choose to tackle this by going on Pinterest and finding cool solutions that require a bit of commitment, others zip to a big organization store for a few more different sized bins, and others give up. 

If you find yourself in the give up, too burdened to take on a Pinterest project right now or at a loss stage and don’t have a spot for one more bin; don’t – don’t give up.

Check out Kidenza Clears toy storage bags.

Nothing but smiles with Kidenza Clears Toy Storage

They come in several different sizes and colors.

Kidenza Clears provide you with so many options for storing and organizing these little toys.

You can simply toss them all in different bags or you can color coordinate different generations of Shopkins or coordinate them by size.

What’s awesome about Kidenza Clears storage bags is that your kids own them-they become their system for storing their toys.

And your kids can then tote the bags around to their friend’s houses for Shopkins play dates. All they have to do is grab and go.

When my son was 2 a friend of mine said ‘Let me give you a little tip about toys, when you come across stray little toys around the house, throw them away.” If she did that now, I don’t think her lovely daughter would have very many Shopkins left.

I stopped doing that a while back. Now everything has a toy bag, and if it doesn’t have a toy bag, it has a stray toy stash that we clean out once a month. Helps build the feeling of responsibility with my child.

 Hey these toys add up too much not to store them properly... Pardon the pun.

Warmest Regards and may your toy storage burdens be lightened.

Here are the kids playing and using Kidenza Clears.

She loves her Kidenza Clears!

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Toy Storage Ideas for Small Living Spaces

Posted on December 09, 2015 by christe erickson-davis

For those of us who live in apartments, condos or small homes, when you have children, storage space can become a premium.

You want your kids to have the best quality and most desirable toys to play with, but also you want to make sure you are not constantly searching for and/or tripping over them…

Plus, teaching your child how to take care of their toys, which includes a storage plan, just makes sense and helps with their development.

What are some good ideas to store your children’s toys in small spaces?

It is already a battle to figure out what to do about storing your own adult-toys like bikes, golf clubs, skis, snowshoes, and all the accessories that accompany those sports.

When kids are added to the mix what about all of their toys?

Chances are you probably don’t have a toy room…  

Small space living and toy storage requires a great deal of organization and finesse.

If we don’t have space for a beautiful shelving system offered by popular kid’s stores, then we have to get a bit more clever about where and how to store toys.

As well, we don’t want to put out every toy we have at one time.

You probably want to rotate them so your kids remain interested in them.

Without some kind of plan, storing toys means that you probably toss them in a toy box, a bin under a bed, under a couch, or even in a dresser drawer. 

Perhaps, there is a spare closet or shelf space in a closet?

But those places can get cluttered and your child’s toys can become unmanageable very quickly.

Here are a few ideas utilizing a brand new toy storage product called Kidenza Clears.

The various sizes of Kidenza Clears toy storage bags will basically fit wherever you need them to.

You can toss them in bins under the bed or couch, tuck them in corners, put them in drawers.

And the best part about them is that your child’s toys are always ready to transport to Grandma’s or a friend’s house at a moment’s notice.

Plus, these bags are transparent, so you and your kids can see what is inside.

This is a massive help for your kids to not only store their toys, but organize their toys.

Kidenza Clears are a tremendous help to us in getting it all together in tight living spaces.

The storage ideas in the images below are some good examples to help you un-clutter your living space so you can enjoy your house with your kids and your kids can enjoy their toys.

Toy storage under a bed

 Toy storage under a bed

Toy storage in a closet

Toy storage in a closet

Toy storage under a sofa

Toy storage under a sofa

 Toy storage in a smaller closet

Toy storage in a smaller closet


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Easy Toy Storage for Little People® Toys

Posted on December 03, 2015 by christe erickson-davis

Buying ‘Little People®’ for your little people this holiday season?

This is one of the hot toys that parents with littles are looking at this Christmas for their younger children.

They are perfect toys for toddlers and young kids. The right size for their little hands and so interactive and versatile.

However, when it comes time to play with Little People toy sets, can you find them in that huge toy box? 

People®  are small, easy to misplace, and most “Little People® toy sets” do not come with a storage container. Hence, but how do you store them so that they will not get lost amongst the other toys in your house?

Instead of having these toys just thrown into the bottom of a toy box to never be seen again or under a bed or dresser; check out these new, durable clear toy storage bags from Kidenza.

What a simple solution for keeping all your child's Little People together and knowing right where they are when it is playtime.

Not only are these Clear Storage bags super easy for little fingers to open and close, they help your little peeps to practice their fine motor skills by putting them in and out of the toy bag as additional play.

And when they are all done playing with the Little People, simply put them back in the bag if the babes haven’t already done so, and the toys are automatically stored away until next time.

Easy Toy Storage for Little People


Kidenza Clears also make a fantastic Bag on the go. Just grab the toy bag as you are headed to Grandma's or toss it in luggage or a backpack when traveling.

Kidenza Clears toy storage bags are perfect to use as a travel tote for most toys.

As one mom put it; “It is hard for me to recall the days before Kidenza Clear Storage entered my life. I do remember my constant quest for the right spot or bin in which to store and tote all my little guys "Little People®" around.”

“Now, it is such a time saver to pull a bag out of a toy bin instead of fumbling through the bin to locate my kid’s toys when heading out the door for Grandma’s, a play date or a road trip.”

Be sure to pick up some Kidenza Clears toy storage bags for the little people in your life.

Kidenza Clears are made for kids to keep parents happy.

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Easy Toy Storage for Imaginext Super Heroes and Other Guys

Posted on December 02, 2015 by christe erickson-davis

If you have a little guy between the ages of 3-8, then you know and love these toys almost as much as your kiddo.  

But if you are anything like me you are sick of tripping over the guys and tired of searching for them from the bottom of the toy box to the bottom of your handbag. 

These Imaginext super collectibles are the reason for the birth of Kidenza Clears Toy Storage.

When my son was 3, I had one little cheap plastic bag that came with a toy. It soon became our mobile toy box for everything. It became our binkie.

We lived back east and traveled a lot on road trips and visits to family.

Eventually, the zipper broke and the bag tore. Thus, I embarked on the mission of finding the perfect toy storage form my sons little guys.

I went in search for some quality transparent toy bags so that each brand and toy family could have their own home. In hopes that my son would know where each toy belonged. I found nothing.

Nothing ever seemed to work for super hero toy storage like that initial bag. And that was the inception of Kidenza Clear toy storage. 

Now, my son has a perfect home for each of his sets of Imaginext (Star Wars, Marvel Super Heroes, Collectible figures, Super friends, Batman) and Big Boots guys with his Kidenza Clears toy storage.

He also knows where they are and he can grab them in an instant if we are headed to Grandma’s or headed on a road trip.  Any of the bundles are a great fit for these toys.

The Goliath toy bundle is especially suited for little Imaginext planes storage and animals storage along with Super Collectible guys storage.

In fact, my son often says to me “mom, do you have anymore of those toy bags that I can have?” Oh, yeah.   

While taking some toy bag pictures for me recently, a friend said “wow, if only I had these sooner, we might actually have all the pieces and figures for my daughter’s toys.” Amen sister.

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