Kidenza Clears are the best mobile toy storage around.

best mobile toy storage around

They are awesome as stand alone storage or work great as a compliment to any existing toy storage system

  • Great for storing, organizing, schlepping, and traveling
  • Easy grab handles for little kids
  • Kid friendly zippers 
  • Durable long lasting material
  • Various sizes for a variety of toys big and small
  • Versatile storage

For Kids 

gives your child x-ray vision

Your kids will learn to be more responsible using these toy storage bags because putting their toys away is fun!

  • Clear material gives them x-ray vision to know which toys are where
  • Own it . It is their own storage system. My toy bag- toy bags guys home
  • Zip and go
  • Easy to hold
  • Easily transports throughout the house
  • Instantly ready for a play date, Grandma’s or a road trip

For Parents:

Make your life simpler with our toy bags.

  • Help teach kids to organize their own toys.
  • Help teach kids to take care of their toys. 
  • Save money. 
  • Save time. 
  • Grab and go.
  • Excellent for Air Traveling

Kidenza Clears gives your child x-ray vision for organizing and finding their favorite toys and games.

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